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How Geothermal Systems Can Reduce Energy Usage

Geothermal systems are a terrific option for homeowners that are looking to reduce the amount of energy that they use to heat and cool their homes. If you’re interested in learning more about the Urbana, IL geothermal cost benefits make sure that you call the experts at Lanz Heating and Cooling. We wanted to put together a quick description of some of the ways that geothermal systems could potentially reduce your energy usage.

How Geothermal Systems Work

If you were to dig down into the ground about 10 feet the temperature of the soil there would be about 55° F. It would remain that temperature throughout the entire year—no matter what the temperature of the air above the ground. Geothermal systems use that temperature consistency to provide both heating and cooling for your home.

During installation of a geothermal system, a long series of pipes will be buried in the ground. Both ends of the pipe will be connected to a heat pump inside your home that will circulate a refrigerant through the pipe. During the winter, the refrigerant will absorb heat from the ground and carry it into your home. When you need to cool your home, your heat pump will absorb heat out of your home’s air and then deposit in the ground.

Instead of having to consume a fuel-source to heat your home, geothermal systems are able to take advantage of the free and endless energy stored in the earth.

For any more information that you would like on Urbana, IL geothermal cost benefits make sure that you call the friendly technicians at Lanz Heating and Cooling today.

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