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Can My Furnace Really Help Me Feel Better?

This is a very common question that comes up.  In fact, there are many things that your heating & cooling system can do to help you feel better, and be healthier!  Did you know that a Humidifier can reduce dry skin and bloody noses in the winter?   More humidity can increase comfort at a lower temperature, therefore allowing you to turn the thermostat down, and potentially save you money on your gas bill!  Along with that, there are many options on advanced filtration and purification to clean the air in your home by taking allergens and dust out of the air, and by killing germs, mold, and odors that can be in your air.  Another thing that can help is insuring that all ductwork is sealed and insulated so it is not pulling in dirty air from crawlspaces or attics and making things worse.  Let Lanz Heating & Cooling help you breathe easier, and be healthier by giving us a call today!

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