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Heating in Fisher, IL: Why Does the Size of My Heating System Matter?

There are a lot of decisions that you must make when deciding on a new home heating system. The process can actually be a little overwhelming. That is why it is so beneficial to discuss your home heating system options with a qualified, professional heating technician. For answers to all of your questions regarding heating in Fisher, IL, call Lanz Heating & Cooling. We have all the answers you need to choose the right heating system for your home. If you think the size of your heater, for instance, is not an important issue, think again.

The size of your home heating system must be appropriate for your home for a number of different reasons. One of the major factors to consider is simply performance. You wouldn’t take the motor out of your lawnmower and put it in your car. You also wouldn’t take the engine from your car and put it into a lawnmower, though. The matter of sizing your heat goes both ways. If it is too small it will obviously have trouble maintaining comfortable temperatures. If it is too large, though, it can perform just as poorly. It will bring temperatures up too fast, and that can have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

When temperatures are brought up too quickly your heater will short cycle, meaning that it will cycle on and off too frequently. This leads to other problems, including inefficient operation and the risk of damage to your heater. An undersized heater is put at the same level of risk. It will struggle to reach target temperatures that are simply beyond its capabilities. This strain will lead to increased costs of operation and will put unnecessary wear and tear on your heater. This is a perfect recipe for damage to your heater.

Don’t put your comfort or budget on the line this heating season. Let Lanz Heating & Cooling handle the sizing of your heater. Get the best, most efficient heating in Fisher, IL by choosing the best, most appropriate heart for your home. Call today to schedule service.

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