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Ogden Heating FAQ: Why is My Heater Making That Noise?

While all heating systems make some noise, there are a few you should be concerned about. If your furnace or heat pump has begun to make unusual or loud noises, you could need a repair. The one way to be sure is to call a Ogden heating repair technician at Lanz Heating & Cooling for all your heating repair needs. Here are some common noises and what they could mean.

During normal operation the fan on your forced air furnace or heat pump makes a subtle noise that all fans make; however if the fan is making a thumping noise or a clanking noise, the blades could be bent or hitting each other. They will need to be fixed before the problem gets worse.

All heat pumps have a defrost cycle, and when this happens the compressor can be loud at first but then it should stop after the cycle is complete. However, if you hear any hissing noise, this could be the reversing valve that reverses the refrigerant during the defrost cycle. If you hear that noise, call for a repair since ice on the outdoor coils could cause damage to the equipment, and if the reversing valve is faulty, the defrost cycle won’t cycle on and off normally.

Gurgling noise could mean that you have low refrigerant, and this will definitely require a repair. Don’t try to charge your heat pump with refrigerant. Too much or too little refrigerant can both cause problems. If you own a furnace, a loud banging noise could mean a delayed start, and this is a safety concern. Call for a repair ASAP.

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