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Champaign, IL Duct Cleaning Tip: Common Duct Contaminants

Champaign, IL duct cleaning service is a great way to boost indoor air quality in your home, as well as to protect the condition of your heating and air conditioning equipment. While not every home will necessary benefit from professional duct cleaning service, homeowners with a high concentration of pollutants in their home, or those with asthma and allergy symptoms, should certainly consider scheduling service. The problem with your air ducts is that you have so little reason to consider them. Just because they are out of sight, though, does mean that they should be out of mind. Here are a few examples of common duct contaminants from Lanz Heating & Cooling.

Of all the items that may be building up in your air ducts, by far the most common is dust. Even the best home keepers can probably attest to just how difficult managing dust in their homes can be. The problem with dust is that it is so easy to get it airborne. In fact, the very forced air distribution system that you depend on to circulate heated and cooled air throughout your home may be partly responsible. When there is dust on the floor and surfaces in your home, the blowing air can stir it up. It can then make its way into your air ducts via the return vents.

If you have pets in your home, you are well familiar with just how much fur they shed. As with dust, this is another very common contaminant that we find within air ducts. Pet fur and dander circulating throughout your home is bothersome, even to those homeowners without sensitivities to animals.

While dust and dander are very inconvenient and can aggravate respiratory issues, biological pollutants are quite troublesome. The cool, dark environment in your air ducts makes them susceptible to the growth of biological pollutants such as viruses, mold and bacteria. If you have any concerns about such issues, contact us immediately. We’ll assess the situation to determine if professional duct cleaning is your best option.

To learn more about what may be lurking in your air ducts, call Lanz Heating & Cooling today. Our Champaign, IL duct cleaning technicians can help make your home a more comfortable place to live. Contact us any time to get started.

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