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Champaign IL Bathroom Plumbing: What is the U-Shaped Pipe Under My Sink?

The plumbing in our homes, particularly in our bathrooms, is one of the most important systems therein. Modern plumbing makes our lives incredibly convenient and keeps our homes hygienic. Despite the immense importance of this plumbing system and the role it plays in our day to day lives, many homeowners have no real understanding of the various components that make up their plumbing systems. While any plumbing services should be completed by a qualified professional, the plumbers at Lanz Heating & Cooling think you should learn a few basics. Here is some information about an important part of your Champaign, IL bathroom plumbing system.

The U-shaped pipe beneath the sink in your bathroom is called a drain trap. This piece of piping is not only present beneath your bathroom sink; there should be a drain trap beneath every sink in your home. While many homeowners may be confused as to why there is a curved pipe beneath their sink, there is very good reason for it. While you may think that this pipe may be better off straightened out, it is actually the shape of the drain trap that allows it to function.

As water goes down your drain, the drain trap keeps a bit of water stored in the bend of the pipe. This helps to stop sewer odors and gases from coming back up out of your sink. Such odors are not only very unpleasant, but can also be dangerous under the right conditions. These gases can contain methane, and extended exposure to methane is very undesirable. The sewer trap beneath your sink, like many other plumbing components, is far more important than many homeowners understand.

If you are curious about any other plumbing fixtures in your home, contact the Champaign, IL bathroom plumbing pros at Lanz Heating & Cooling. Our licensed plumbers can answer any questions that you may have. Should you experience any problems with the plumbing in your home, it is important to contact a qualified professional immediately. In the meantime, get to know the various components of your plumbing system a little better. Contact us today for more information.

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