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Why Are My Drains Gurgling?

It’s hard to come up with a household task that doesn’t involve your home’s plumbing system. From washing dishes to doing laundry and showers, your plumbing system is a huge part of your daily life. One common issue that we get called to fix is gurgling drains. We wanted to put together a quick explanation of what causes this problem and what you can do to fix it. Give us a call here at Lanz Heating and Cooling if you need any kind of Champaign, IL plumbing repair services.

Champaign, IL Plumbing Repair Tip: What Causes Gurgling Drains?

There are a few common sources of gurgling drains.

  • Clogged pipe vent – As water moves through your plumbing system it pushes air in front of it. In order to allow this air to escape, your plumbing system has several vents throughout the system. If these vents get clogged, that air will be forced to escape somewhere else. In many cases, it will come up nearby vents which can cause a gurgling sound. If you hear gurgling in one drain when a nearby drain is operating, it likely means that the pipe vent is clogged. This often happens with shower drains or sinks when the toilet is flushing; or vice versa. This problem can get so bad that it actually sucks the water out of your drain trap which can allow foul-smelling sewer gases to get back up into your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Double kitchen sink – If you have a kitchen sink with two compartments, the connection between the two sides of the sink can sometimes get clogged. As water continues down one side into the garbage disposal, it can create a suction which would pull air through the clog on the other side and cause gurgling.

How Plumbers Fix Gurgling Drains

In many cases, the cause of gurgling drains is a blockage in the air vent. These vent pipes usually run up through your walls and out your roof. It might be surprising, but the first place your plumber is likely to go is up on your roof to try to clear out the blockage by forcing air back down the vent or using an auger, which is a long metal wire. In some cases, your plumbing system might have an air admittance valve instead of a vent stack. This valve can get stuck which would cause a pressure imbalance as well.

When you need any Champaign, IL plumbing repair just call the specialists at Lanz Heating and Cooling.

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